The more you know

The cheese cake was decent. It’s not the worst cheese cake I’ve ever had in my life, but far from the best either. I guess I could attribute it to me not being a fan of chiffon in the first place, or my preference for more traditional variations of the cake: cookie base, cream body and a sprinkly of chocolate powder over the top.

The coffee wasn’t much to shout about either. It was a good cup of coffee but a lot of places serve good cups of coffee at sub RM10 prices nevertheless. Maybe I don’t have the tongue and taste buds or experience to accurately ‘judge’ my coffee. But for what it’s worth, to me it was nothing special.

I don’t frequent these kinds of places much, and I don’t expect to in the future. But I guess today I learnt an important lesson: I’m a Secret Recipe kind of guy.

Review of Exhibit Café, TTDI, 24/5/14, 16:40

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