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The return of the lamb.

I had a two dreams last night.

First dream-
I went to church. There was a cell group meeting going on and when I went into the room and sat down, all the people in my cell started whispering to one another. And then suddenly, one person started clapping, and then the whole room followed. It was like a miracle had happened or something. Then I woke up from my dream and thought, ‘hey! maybe it’s a sign to go to church’. I checked the time- it was 11. I was late. Then I went back to sleep.

Second dream-
This one was pretty stupid. It was so random. It started out at work, and I got a call from Alvin and the IMU bunch to go play DOTA at some cybercafe nearby. I tried to start my car and it wouldn’t start cos it was on all night playing music. Somehow in my dream I confused the music coming from my pc was coming from the car instead :p After that, when I reached the cafe and was looking for parking, my car somehow folded up into some pocket sized thing and I was carrying it in my hand looking for a cheap car park. And then I don’t remember what happened after that and I woke up.

“Dedication takes a life time, dreams only last for a night” – All Time Low

5 thoughts on “The return of the lamb.”

  1. haha you gamer.
    Anyway, become a roman catholic today! They have sunday evening mass as an option πŸ˜‰ No excuses. lol xxx

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