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Thoughts about weather

I’m not known for thinking of ways to improve Malaysia (my friends can attest to that) but there’s one thing I think that would make this country a better place: cool weather.

This thought popped into my head earlier this year when I was in Melbourne for about a week. The weather there was the best thing about it. No, it wasn’t the coffee, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, being in cold weather everyday made everything better. Walking for miles under the sun? No problem. It was as though the cold wind blew away every single negative feeling I had in my body. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. It was truly awesome to spend my holiday without worrying about stinking in the middle of the day or sweat messing up my styled hair.

I can’t explain why, but that’s just how I felt. But after spending some time trying to think of a reason, I came up with a theory:

Cold weather lets people dress up in fancy clothes without looking out of place. Wear a full suit and walk around the streets or go out in singlets and shorts – it doesn’t matter. You’re bound to see someone else dressed in the same fashion. Cool weather also means not worrying about sweating or your makeup running down your face. People get to keep looking and smelling fresh, which keeps everybody happy. Nice looking people to look at makes people happy and nice looking people feel great too.

When people feel happy, they’re less likely to start fights or get into tiffs with other people. When people feel cool, they’re not agitated, which means customer service with a smile. People become more patient. Because nobody is worried about having to walk under the hot sun, they take their time to do things, which results in an overall more laid back environment.

A chill environment is something I think Malaysians need. We’ll probably get less riled up over petty shit and it’ll probably reduce the number of people who double park their vehicles because a long stroll from the end of a legal carpark zone to lunch doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

This would probably lead to less angry citizens and will probably reduce the amount of riots or violence in the country. Standing in the middle of the road for a protest doesn’t have to be a sweaty affair anymore. That means people will be more likely to want to hold rallies since the weather outside is great. Maybe that’s not such a good thing (I say on behalf of regular citizens unconcerned about their agendas getting inconvenienced by closed off roads during such occasions). Then again, if so many rallies are hosted, they start losing their meaning and they’ll host them less. Okay, I guess cool weather is good after all.

Anyway, this went off-tangent somewhere and I couldn’t steer it back to my original point. I’ll just end it here. Cool weather would make Malaysia a better place to live in. Maybe that’s why so many of them leave this country.

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