Train of Love

You know you’ve been on the LRT for much too long when you see relationships grow. I started taking the train to work about a year back? Maybe even longer, I don’t remember. When I first started taking the train there was this girl and guy who got one at different stops (one after the other) and they got off at the same stop as me.

When I first saw them, they weren’t really close. They mostly stood against the wall of the train, engrossed in their story books they would bring. When they got off the train, they would sit/stand next to each other waiting for the bus or taxi. And when they got on the bus/taxi they would sit next to each other, but they would hardly say a word to each other.

As time passed I saw them talking to each other more. And soon they weren’t reading books anymore, but chatting instead. At this point I stopped taking the LRT for awhile (cos of the landslide, I wasn’t staying at my place in ampang) and drove to work instead. Fast forward to early this year.. I think February/March, when I started taking the train again, I noticed the both of them again. But this time, they were holding hands and cuddling with each other!

It felt special. It was like watching a little bud bloom into a pretty flower.

4 thoughts on “Train of Love”

  1. Alison : I realized my writing ended up being more poetic than what I really felt. haha

    Lynndy : noo, cupid would at least try, it never even crossed my mind. I thought they would remain platonic friends haha


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