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So the other day, I walked out for lunch and brought an umbrella along with me because the sky was gloomy and it looked like it was going to rain. While I ate my food, the weather got gloomier, but it didn’t rain. When I was done with my meal, smoking my after meal cigarette, the sky was still dark, but it didn’t rain. I walked back home; nary a drop of rain. When I was almost reaching home I thought to myself, “damn, I didn’t need this umbrella.” Then I thought again, “but if it rained, I would have been prepared.” And I don’t know where I’m getting at with this post, but at that point in time, it hit me (and it felt like something blog-worthy) – it’s better to be prepared for something, regardless whether it happens or not. Like bringing condoms along on dates, regardless whether you’re going to spend the night together or not. It’s always, always, better to be prepared.

And no, I’m not expecting a child soon. But if I did, his/her name would be Excited.

There you go Albert, it’s not a gig update or a movie review 😉 btw, movie reviewing isn’t a job- I do it so I can continue going for press screenings 😀

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