We don’t need the moon.

Earlier today when I was driving my little sister home, I was having trouble seeing the road because it was night time and it was raining. And also for some reason my windscreen is never truly clear- no matter how much I clean it, its as clear as shit stained glass whenever cars on the opposite turn on their lights. Especially those assholes with bright ass white HID lights, or those that drive with their high beams on.

That got me thinking. Why do we have night time at all? You know what? They should just do away with night. Someone in the future should come up with some way to make sure we have daylight all the time. Life would be so much better!

Forget romantic candlelit dinners on the beach under the starry night–
we wouldn’t have crimes anymore! People could walk around any time of the day without fear of being robbed around the corner, cos they can see clearly in the daytime. People wouldn’t find night shift jobs so intimidating anymore! We wouldn’t need outdoor lights! That would save half of the world’s electricity usage!

And like Daniel Tosh said in one of his jokes (daylight saving time)- guys who go clubbing, you get to take the girl you’ve been pumping drinks into all night out into the daylight! This would prevent sexually transmitted diseases! “I’ll see you in standard time where you belong!”

Life would be very different indeed.

16 thoughts on “We don’t need the moon.”

  1. omg I am a person who can’t live without the night, night makes me feel much more secure somehow, not like I go out or anything, just more secure at home. It’s soothing, so DUN MAKE NIGHT SO AWAY!

    All roads and highway workers will curse you too if you make the night go away, hahaha

  2. Wah George, if like that ah, i cannot go infront of you or behind you lor..u will sure curse. wahahahha check out my blog ma b4 u post! wahahah. wei no offence man, HID owns! =p nola, some people put HID duno how to adjust their beam so kena eyes pain! not becoz HID user oni la halogen lights driver with high beams oso pain wan! Dun tell me u r one of those ppl who post in star newspaper complaining about HID users AH! KILL YOU! WAHAHA

  3. “People could walk around any time of the day without fear of being robbed around the corner…”
    you might add rape to the list, I hear from my friends how they feel more and more unsafe everyday.

    I still don’t like Circa Survive but Alesana is good! πŸ˜›

  4. we need the moon to see the pretty stars at night la!! and rest our pretty eyes πŸ˜› btw crimes still take place anytime day/nite..
    I agree wit u though..if there’s sunshine everyday..and no nite..we would not be in global warming crisis as electricity usage is lower..oh well..drive safe k! πŸ™‚ I’ve got no HID’s yet..lol..if i do i’ll be super broke! haahaa..

  5. Jakk : the sun is better! and most highway workers work at night when there is no traffic!

    Charm : ahhaha, assholes with HIDs are not a myth!

    gOolengtao : why do I need to complain the star when I can complain here? hahaha.. and my wipers are fine, it’s the inside of my windshield that’s aways dirty for some reason though I never touch it..

    Eriol : CS pwns! And I don’t remember recommending Alesana! But yeah they’re awesome πŸ™‚ and KL isn’t as safe as it used to be

    jsze : stick with yellow lights! hahaha.. well if there was no night, we wouldn’t need car lights either!

    Sunflower : if there was no night, we’d all be used to sunlight all the time, and morning would be the same as evening :p

    Alvin : Not writing useless comments here saves electricity too..hahaha.. Hamachi saves the world anyways

  6. Screw you dude, I hope you never get 3 wishes when you rub a lamp… :p

    If you get your dammed wish, I’ll have to go mamak-ing in the daylight !!! …I’m coming after your blood :p


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