When distance doesn’t matter.

So you know how some people tilt their phone sideways when they talk into it? Like some sort of walkie-talkie.

Why do people do that? I mean seriously, how much difference does that miniscule reduction in distance between mouth to mircrophone make? None! If they can’t hear you when you speak in the first place, then just speak up, or move to a place that gets bettere reception, change your phone or ask them to do the same.

No difference! You know why? Because phones were designed to be held to the side of your face!

4 thoughts on “When distance doesn’t matter.”

  1. What I hate more is when people turn on their loud speaker when they can just use their normal speaker to talk to someone in public.

  2. i think they don’t do it cuz the reception isn’t good but more like under the impression that they look cool. people are weird.

  3. Van1ty : well it makes for good eavesdropping. haha

    eizniv : let’s look at it this way- if you speak in a voice loud enough to be heard when the phone is by the side of your face, there is no need to put the phone directly against your mouth 🙂

    moy : everyone wants to be a cop or vcd seller with a walkie talkie haha


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