This photograph is proof

The next time someone tells you to take down a picture of them from facebook or your blog cos they look ugly- fuck them! (no, not literally). Tell them “what do you mean? you always look like this!” And don’t take the pictures down- post more instead! I mean, think about it- there’s really no such thing as a bad picture. Sure there are badly taken pictures i.e.: a finger covering a part of the lens, an out of focus picture etc, but there are really no bad pictures. The only reason a person is ugly in a picture its because the person looked ugly in the first place!

Examples of badly taken photographs

Photographs are a direct representation of things we see! Sure you can crop photos (like what most fat girls tend to do in their online profiles and photos- you never get to see below their chests). But photographs are like reflections! Someone could take a photo of Jeon Ji Hyung or Ayon’s sister at any angle, and I can assure you they would look fantastic- because they look fantastic!

And we all know that people with accurate/fantastic memory have ‘photographic memory’.

9 thoughts on “This photograph is proof”

  1. hahahaha!
    badly taken photograph does not hide your beng hairstyle 🙂

    You’re a guy. I won’t expect you to understand!

  2. vanessa : everyone makes mistakes in their life :p

    elfiejane : facebook should have a ‘lock tags’ feature haha

    starcrossedangel : no, you weren’t on my mind when I wrote this post.. haha

    Chung Sin : :'(

  3. I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with your post, but “OMG YOU’RE A TAKING BACK SUNDAY FAN TOOOOOOO!!!!”

  4. jay dee : well, the title of my post is from a TBS song.. anyway there are loads of TBS fans out there, you just have to look.. or introduce TBS to your friends haha


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