Sunday round up

So the other day I went to megamall with my oh-so-useful fashion consultant zaimee (who thinks she’s such a badass just cos she has a z in her name lol) and tried on some skinny jeans. And wow- I never thought they would be comfortable. Haha. I always pictured skinny jeans to be the epitome of uncomfortability, and when I put them on, surprisingly they weren’t! I mean, they were clinging to my legs and all, but they didn’t hamper my movement or flexibilty. And they didn’t look too bad on me either. lol

Andre claims my name is going to be Ah George soon.

I’ve watched quite a number of movies the past few weeks:

The Hulk
The Happening
Kungfu Panda
Get Smart

And I gotta say all of them are worth watching. Most of the movies I’ve seen haven’t been disappointing this year, and next month is gonna be insane.

The other day I was walking back to the office after lunch when this Indian man suddenly approached me and pointed at my shirt saying ‘do you know what that means?’ (I was wearing my TWLOHA rescue T-shirt that day) and I said ‘yes’. He went on further and asked me what, and I told him ‘rescue’ and he was like ‘how do you know?’ I pointed to the word ‘rescue’ on the side of the hindi writing. He laughed. I told him ‘have a nice day’ and walked off. That was totally weird and random.

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