2storeyheart on tv omg!

Apparently I was on hitz.tv for my new year’s eve performance I did earlier this year (I heard my embarrassing interview was screened too haha) but I didn’t manage to catch it- I wasn’t even aware of the screening times. But today! (Monday)
I will be on NTV7 at 9am. The breakfast show I think.

I will be interviewed and I’ll probably get to play a clip of a song. It’s all for promoting the acoustic showdown finals- getting more people to come to the show and hopefully get me more votes 😀

So, if you happen to be awake at 9am or have tv in your office this morning, then flip on to ntv7 to catch me! record it if you can, and post it on youtube haha. I’d like to see how I look on tv.

Again, I’m performing this Wednesday at Urban attic, do show your lovely faces! And drink to vote! XD

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