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50798 #2 – Almost Date

#2 – Amost Date

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So back in school, only the bravest kids had the guts to ask girls out on dates.
But guys like me? We had almost dates. A whole lesson of admiring your crush from afar was good enough. 40 minutes of elation šŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “50798 #2 – Almost Date”

  1. Kinson : I like it too šŸ˜› thanks.

    Seng yip? haha I looked like that back in school

    James : faceless to represent all the crushes I had in school= I can’t draw a girl with 10+ faces and I’m not drawing the comic more than 10 times either! haha

    Van1ty : high five man

    moy : web comic artists šŸ˜›

    and nope, I stopped playing magic. haha

    Silencers : ouch. I still haven’t confessed to my high school crush. haha.

    vanessa : for the rest of the day and the night in bed šŸ™‚

    happy song is not finished yet.. having trouble coming up with the verse!

    tingtitlei : that’s not very brave then!

    Albert Ng : some of us are still the same geeks inside! haha

    Rachel : thanks! šŸ™‚

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