A series of unfortunate events.

Today was a pretty eventful day.

I took my car for servicing in the morning. Some of my speakers are busted.

I had to go to work (not for the whole day, but still!).

My atm card got stuck in the machine– and came out a few minutes later. (I panicked for a moment)

A friend of mine had his house ransacked. But the robbers were pretty stupid– they left 2 laptops, an iPod and a ps3 alone, while rummaging through the whole house and only taking some alcohol.

I heard another story from another friend: his uncle gave a robber a cash check. The robber tried to cash it in at a bank..and he got arrested on the spot. LOL

I watched Beowulf in the cinema and it was probably one of the worst movie experiences I’ve ever had. Some asshole sat next to me and throughout the whole show he kept talking out loud! To his friend! Who was seated a some couple of seats away! Behind him! Whenever some titties came on screen or something exciting happened, he would go ape shit and mutter some unintelligible sentences. I wonder what would happen if he ever saw a real girl naked in front of him. He would probably die or something. And he wasn’t even sitting in the right seat! And to top it off- he was one smelly fucker. People like him don’t deserve to watch movies in cinemas. In fact, they don’t even deserve to watch movies.

One more person to add to the list of people I hate.

But Beowulf was a pretty good movie. The graphics were amazing (though some parts reminded me of Shrek), and storyline just passable. But it could have done with more action sequences. But it was an enjoyable movie. Some parts were censored in the cinema though. Gotta get the dvd version to see what was cut out.

On the way home I encountered another bunch of mat rempits. Doing ‘superman’ and weaving in and out of traffic.

Its been awhile since I’ve had any awesome dreams. Work is stressful like a motherfucker. It’s still the same, it hasn’t changed, but I don’t know why it’s gotten harder. And is it so hard to learn from mistakes? Fuck! I thought humans learn that fire is hot by touching it. They never make the same mistake again. Maybe I should bring a fucking torch to work and burn some fingers each time someone sends me a half-assed done scene.

7 thoughts on “A series of unfortunate events.”

  1. alcoholic burglars =.=
    Beowolf animation got me thinkin at parts as if it was a real movie..Beowolf was nude!! 😛 managed to censore private part really well ahahaa..

  2. George: You sound like you really went through lots of shit lately…. (didn’t mean to make that as a pun)

    Alvin: I’m Mr. QC no. 2! Whatever George says, I second that too…. well I rather have an steam iron next to me so I can emblazoned the mark on their forehead to get them memorized their mistakes.


  3. fucking burn them for real, george. ahahahaha

    id verbal fuck the guy if that happens to me in a cinema. just tell the asshole off. itll feel good after doing it. lol
    if he does shut up.

  4. jsze : i’m sure you were so excited about beowulf being naked hahaha

    Alvin : lol, I’ve always been dominating

    daryl : work’s always been tough man, everyday! haha

    Jason : i was afraid he was gonna rob me in the cinema halfway through the film, i kept touching my own pockets. lol

    van1ty : who else has a ps3? :p


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