Back from Sandakan, Gig #48

So I’m sure most of you know, I’ve just returned from a teaching stint in Sabah. To be more precise, Sandakan. And man, that place is HOT! The weather over there is insane. It makes KL feel like Mines Wonderland by comparison. Either way, it was a blast teaching the kids over there. It’s always fun to share your knowledge with children! Here’s to hoping they make it to the finals and smash some face in with awesome cartoons 😀

And I’m performing this afternoon at PWTC!

Gig Doppelganger @ Youth Malaysia
Date 5/29/2010
Venue PWTC

1500 Angie Lynn
1515 George Wong
1530 AiQa
1540 Kyoto Protocol
1600 Sausage Named Bob
1620 Revuforte
1630 Handle with Care
1640 Megat the Beatboxer
1655 Figure of Speech

More info here.
Hope to see you guys today! It’s gonna be fawesome 😀

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