Battle Royale Dumbass

So, if you’ve been to James’ Blog I’m sure you would’ve read about the Battle Royale going on. My character has ‘died’ but there’s a possibility I might return in the future, so go there and vote!

Anyways, the past few days I’ve been working on the following piece- I spent a total of 10 hours or so on it.. been awhile since I got back into the mood for drawing but anyways, click here to see it. Nothing too spectacular since it’s just a colored sketch, I didn’t even bother cleaning up :p but its an artwork nevertheless, and so I’m setting it as a bench mark for improvement. Each piece I do has to be better than the previous one, and this is the first.

Comments and criticism welcome. Don’t lie! RAWR!

And here’s another funny chatlog-

11 thoughts on “Battle Royale Dumbass”

  1. looks like you found your background eh? ahhaha and you even got a logo! LOLOL.. I tried to find something constructive to say.. only thing i could say is that TJ has very brown hair and i haf kinda abit (i dyed it in melb for kicks).. guess it would more colour into the pic instead of it lookin like battle royale chinatown….

  2. Van1ty : cos you look good in it? hahaha

    James Tan : thanks, I’ll probably revise this in the future 🙂

    Chapree Da Grande : thank you, now its time to pimp me! haha

    Chung Sin : there wasn’t enough space for a car :p

  3. You see him everyday at work…. you guys have lunches and dinner (sometimes) together…. you send him home….

    You guys chat online after working hours????



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