Cabs of the future.

So the other day I got in a cab, and realized that the cab in front of me was going to the same place as well. Then I thought to myself- wasn’t that a huge waste of petrol and money? If only I knew the person in front, we could have shared the cab, the costs, and the cab driver would’ve saved petrol, and hence saved the environment.

But because we were strangers, we didn’t get on the same cab.

So in the car I started thinking to myself about cabs in the future. Maybe in the future, there would be a sign on top of the cab that displays its destination, via which route, and how many more passengers it can carry. And people who were going to the same place can flag the cab down and join the ride. The meter would calculate when the second person got on and split the remainder of the distance with the new guy and so on.

This would solve problems with not enough taxis going around, encourage carpooling, and who knows, even create relationships between strangers!

Anybody wanna vote me into parliament for ministry of transport?
Fuck me, I’m just babbling lol.

9 thoughts on “Cabs of the future.”

  1. I thought that was quite neat actually. But then again, I doubt abt any taxi driver who is going to like the idea, since sharing cabs = more competitve = less $$.

  2. Sounds like a good idea, though like Alvin said, that’s similar to a bus, haha. But seriously, it’s cool, though we’ll never see it in Malaysia. You have my vote during the next General Election btw 🙂

  3. Alvin, Chung Sin : you can’t stop buses if there are no bus stops, buses don’t go exactly where you want to go- you can’t always take a bus to where you wanna go, sometimes you have to take a few buses- taxis can go all the way. And I could go on.

    tingtitlei : you still can have backseat loving if you don’t mind people watching. haha

    moy : well, it’s for the community and the environment. sometimes sacrifices have to be made. maybe the government could subsidize them.

    Kinson : read the reasons I wrote above, and tell me that its a bus. haha and glad to know if I ever enter politics you have my back! lol

    Alvin : I said minister of transport! haha

  4. Sometimes in Bukit Jalil, somebody gets smart and asks everybody, “TPM? ASTRO?” And then they cabpool.

    There are some stereotypes that accompany certain stations, so to some extent, if you see a long queue, you can go around asking.


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