WARNING- this post contains some spoilers

So I just came back from the cinema an hour ago. I watched CJ7- Stephen Chow’s latest film. Halfway through the film when Dicky’s father dies, and they showed the scene in the hospital. Something hit me- the initials CJ stood for Christ Jesus! (okay if you are offended, you can close this page now)
By the end of the movie, it was pretty clear that CJ7 was a metaphor for JC-

He came to Earth by extraordinary means. So did the little alien.
He healed people. CJ7 fixed broken things, made rotten apples fresh.
He raised the dead. CJ7 raised the dead.
He died. CJ7 died.

You start to see the similarities? Anyways, the main thing was that they brought hope and love to people. And by the end of the movie, CJ7 was like practically worshiped by the little kid. The alien gave him so much hope. Maybe Stephen Chow is a Christian and is trying to spread the love of God through his movies.

Oh both CJ7 and Jesus had awesome facial hair. And the number 7 at the end of his name is such a give away! Why use a divine number if CJ wasn’t divine?

And Kitty Zhang is teh hawtness.

6 thoughts on “CJ7”

  1. You’ve got the message entirely wrong George. Its obvious that the movie was trying to tell us that Jesus was in fact an alien life form. Think about it. Everyday technology would make things done back then look like miracles! Imagine what aliens could do! All you Christians are is a bunch of cultists supporting the alien domination of humankind! You fiends!!!

  2. jsze : i just did! and i blogged about it too :p

    xen0s : yeah it does, he must be holy too!

    jtpa : no, it’s hideous! haha

    Yang : go spread your blasphemy elsewhere! you heretic!!

    Jakk : he’s holy :p


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