So I caught Jumper today. And it was an enjoyable flick. Like what my sister said it’s a ‘guy’s chick flick’- it has everything a guy would want in a movie- cars, girls and special effects. But besides Hayden Christensen’s emotionless acting, the rest of the film was pretty good. His sidekick Griffin stole most of the good lines from him (he deserved them anyway), and Samuel L. Jackson is bad ass as usual. Effects were top notch, and by the end of the film it made us (actually, mostly just me) ‘jump’ all over the shopping mall and car park. HAHA. I’d give it a 7/10.

The only thing that didn’t happen that would’ve made the movie a 10/10 (IMO)-

4 thoughts on “Jumper”

  1. i hated that david dude… he was struggling to tell the girl his feelings while griffin was fighting for his life… i wish there’s gonna be jumper 2 where griffin comes back and kicks david’s ass

  2. heheehee, told u so :p Hayden is so hot!! Griffin had the accent though..aha..
    damn cool effects right, I didn’t expect to watch a guy chick flick! first time first..ehe hopefully more to come :p

  3. jtpa : hahahaha I heard its gonna be a trilogy

    jessica : hayden is useless! they should replace him in the next movie!

    aimee : thanks for the tag..I will do it..eventually :p


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