The Red Packet.

So I just finished counting all my angpows. This year I managed to gain RM 250. If I included the RM150 I lost to gambling then I would have a whopping RM400 (not alot I know, but what do you expect from someone who went to less than 5 different houses during CNY haha)

Anyway, as I was opening the packets quite a few thoughts came into my head and I decided to blog about them.

Some angpows are hard to open. Especially when they glue the flaps. Seriously, why bother? It takes time to take out the precious money and time is money! Okay that was lame.

Angpows should have a picture of the giver’s faces on them– so you recognize the stingy bastards in your family (I kid, I kid, don’t learn from me and call your relatives bastards, unless of course they really are bastards, it should be alright), and who the generous relatives (people to run to in the future when you’re on the run from loan sharks).

Angpows should be transparent! So you won’t ever be surprised by what you get anymore! Like just now when I opened one angpow, it was a fancy looking AUSSINO one don’t know who gave it but I digress, I saw a rm1 note inside, and I was like ‘wow, who gave me rm1?’ then I reached in and pulled out a whole bunch of notes. There were actually two rm2 notes and an rm1 note! And I was thinking to myself, ‘rm2 notes? Can you even use them anymore?’ (of course you can haha) but imagine if they weren’t usable- it would’ve been an rm1 angpow instead! But if the packets were transparent, I would’ve been able to say ‘hey lady (I’m assuming a female gave it to me cos real men probably don’t use AUSSINO angpows)- these notes aren’t usable, why don’t you give me the other angpow with the real rm5 notes instead?’ Then she blushes and hands me over an angpow with real value.

Till the next CNY kids!

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