Tom held Sophia’s hand in his, grasping tightly like they used to do on their long walks in the park. He felt a spark, a little ignition, a tiny fire – a mere representation of the burning love they used to have. Sophia smiled at him, as though she was feeling the same way.

Tears begin to well up in his eyes. He wasn’t sure if they wear tears of sadness or joy.

“Do you think we just forgot?” he asked her, blinking his tears back.

“Forgot what?”

“This,” said Tom as he gripped her hand tighter. “All of this,” he motioned to the surroundings of their favorite table at their favorite restaurant. “We used to be so happy together.”

“No, we didn’t forget. I didn’t. I chose not to remember,” she replied turning away from him. “After what you did, I told myself I’d never put myself through such pain again.”

Tom looked aghast. “Then why are you here? Why did you choose to come out tonight?”

“To make sure you remembered how I felt when you broke my heart.”

Sophia put her cigarette out, got up from her seat and waved over a man who had just walked into the restaurant. “Ah, he’s here.”

Tom stared speechlessly at the man approaching their table. As he got closer, Tom noticed that he was a very attractive man. Dressed stylishly but not over the top, a strong jawline, and broad shoulders complementing a confident walk. Tom didn’t need an introduction as he watched Sophia swoon into the man’s arms.

“Goodbye, Tom,” she said as she left the restaurant, arm in arm with the tall handsome man.

“Goodbye,” Tom said to himself as he downed his whiskey and lit up another cigarette.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: “Do you think we just forgot?”

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