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Elevator Stories.

Since I don’t live on the first floor anymore, I have to take the elevators up eight floors whenever I go out or back home (I guess I’m just too lazy to walk up and down eight flights of stairs haha.) Anyway, I noticed a few things.

People stare at the floor indicators. I think almost everyone I’ve been in the elevator with (if they aren’t engaged in conversation with someone else) just stands in their place and tilts their head back up to look at the blinking lights which indicate what floor they are on. I don’t know why people do it, but people just do it, and sometimes when I’m alone in the elevator I find myself doing it to. There must be an explanation for it! I guess maybe there’s nothing else to look at. Unless there are mirrors in the elevators or it is a glass elevator (usually not the case in condominiums).

Whenever you are in a rush, the lift is never there, ready and waiting for you to step in as soon as you call for it. Nope, never. And if it is, it probably is going in the wrong direction. One of the reasons why I prefer stairs (especially when I’m late for a movie in mega mall, stairs ftw!).

It is weird getting off the same floor as someone. Especially when it is at an ungodly hour. Every time I go in the elevator and see that my floor is already pressed, I feel like some kind of stalker. I usually make sure I exit the lift first so people don’t think I’m following them! One time, I got out from the lift with 2 other people on my floor, and they turned out to be my neighbors- one opposite me, and one next door. I had never seen them before in my life. Haha.

Well, I’ve only been here about three weeks, and I’m pretty sure I have many more years of elevator stories to come from living here. So, till the next part in elevator stories.. enjoy your vertical rides with strangers!

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