Life reconnected/ virgin coconuts.

So, some of you might have noticed my blog was down. But it’s okay, cos it’s now back up, and I finally have internet at home! Wheee. Anyway, I’ve moved away from landslide hill to the area where I got mugged on Valentine’s day. Haha. Such fond memories of this place I have. I’m gonna miss the old home, but we all gotta move on. I even wrote a song about it, though it’s not complete yet. Expect some new rough recordings soon 😀

In other news, work on my EP has resumed, I have 2 tracks left for vocal recording and after that it’s mixing! I will have my EP out this year 🙂 Gigging has slowed down for me, due to the lack of open mics and invitations to perform. Haha. But my little sister showed me an ad for ‘Syok Shock Student night’ at Mardi Gras 1 Utama, and apparently there are weekly open mics. So I’ll try my luck playing there.

Been playing quite a lot of DotA lately (I still suck though). But it’s real good fun. And a great way to relieve some tension after work and it is cheaper than clubbing. Haha.

So the other time I was out someplace and they had coconuts which were labeled ‘virgin coconuts’. So I was thinking to myself ‘When is a coconut not ever a virgin? Do people fuck coconuts? Then why are there labels stating it?’ If it was possible to fuck a coconut, and I saw a coconut with a hole in it, I’m pretty sure I’d stay away from it. Whether it was fucked or not. I mean come on, I’m pretty sure there are better ways to market a coconut. I think someone could call a coconut ‘trendy’ and that would be a more suitable adjective than virgin. How about immaculate coconuts? Or perfect coconuts? Hell yeah, that sounds awesome. Next time I sell coconuts in stores, I’m gonna label them perfect coconuts. And they would sell like hot cakes. Not that I’ve seen hot cakes being sold really quickly. Maybe in cold countries, or Cameron Highlands.

Wow, it’s 7am and the sun is shining brightly through the windows. And I am wide awake. Now it is time for me to go to bed.

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  1. Virgin coconuts are actually dry husks. Coconut farmers are usually rapists banished to the fields, deemed too horny to live anywhere near society much less in prison. It is no coincidence that coconut milk is white!


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