First update from Phuket

So I’ve taken the first steps of my journey to a new start in life. For the past four days, I’ve been living in Phuket and its been nothing short of amazing. I love it here. The people are great, so is the food, and damn it is cheap! Cigarettes cost RM7.80 for a box of Marlboro (no I haven’t “upgraded” – they just don’t sell Pall Mall cigarettes here) and beer averages RM10 for a large bottle!

Anyway, the course seems very challenging but I think we’re all in very capable hands and I hope to be a fantastic teacher one day. My classmates are an interesting bunch, made up of folks from all over the world. Everyone has a different background and no two of them are alike, which makes classes real interesting. You discover new words, different slangs, and all the various ways people speak English. Like what the lead instructor told us when we first joined, “English is a crazy language!”

I’m sure I’ll have loads of stories I can tell in the coming weeks, but I’m saving some of them for lyrics in my songs. Over the past few days I’ve written in my lyric book more than I’ve ever written over the past few months so I’m really glad about that. Anyway, if you’re following me on Facebook/twitter/instagram (goodnewsgeorge) you’ll probably be getting some of my updates (wherever there’s a wifi hotspot for me to connect to).

I’ll definitely be writing more over the next few days, still getting used to the iPad keyboard (thanks guys!) so, stay tuned. ’till then, here’s a picture to end the post with:

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