Never meant to hold your head under the water, my love

It’s now week 3 of my 4-week long TEFL course in Phuket, and I gotta say – the past 2 weeks have been a blast. This week is going to be hell – tons of assignments, classes to teach, notes to revise, and the dreaded mock exams. Our finals will be next Monday, I’ll probably need to pick up some Adderall this weekend to survive. Just kidding.

Anyway if you’re wondering about how I’m doing, I’m alright. Surprisingly, I haven’t fucked up a class yet, and have been using the teaching methodology pretty well. I’m no maestro but I’m definitely not a screw up! Mistakes here and there but overall, good enough to teach English to people who want to learn.

I’ve also been keeping an eye out on job listings in Japan and will be sending in my resume this week. With luck, I’ll get a job by the end of the course. Hopefully. Fingers crossed that I won’t have any trouble with getting a working visa etc or I’ll have to start looking at alternative destinations. But hey – I’m going to do everything I can to tip the scales in my favor. Make moves, not excuses, right?

I’ve also been doing some songwriting in my bedroom, and I’ve made some pretty good progress. Got a new song on the way – guitars pretty much complete, lyrics 50% done, vocal melody still needs working on, hopefully it’ll be completed before I leave Phuket. I started it here, so I want to finish it here. If not it’ll probably lose the magical essence of this place.

The other day I went into a restaurant and was given a Thai menu instead of the one with English words. I had to send it back for the farang (Thai for foreigner) version. I guess Colin was right when he said I look like a Thai now.

Lastly, here’s an acoustic version of Winter Coat I recorded in my room. Enjoy!

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