Gig #111: KL Journal Open Mic

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these. Tomorrow I’ll be playing my first show of 2018, also my first gig since playing with The Propositions in Penang last November. Should be fun! Drop by if you guys wanna listen to cool tunes while drinking chill beer. Brendan de Cruz is headlining, that dude’s voice is smooth as silk.

Event Page [Facebook]
Date: 18 January 2018
Time: 8-11pm
Venue: KL Journal Hotel [Google Maps]

The KL Journal Open Mic is our brand spankin’ new open mic night right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that happens every Thursday! #openmicmy



Passion, and persistence without exception are the two key things that would best describe Brendan de Cruz as a person, and most of all, as a musician.

His strong vocals make up for his seemingly reserved personality, but stay a little longer and you’ll learn that this talented musician is so much more than meets the eye.

With a heart made for music & a voice that leaves quite an impression, Brendan James best defines who he is & what he does when he says,

“As long as I’m making music, I’m happy.”

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Shaneil Devaser has been around the block! From fronting Crossing Boundaries back in his college days, to backing Mystery Tapes on bass and vocals. He has gigged all over Malaysia and beyond, including stints in Singapore, Australia, USA, Japan and Hong Kong, and has even pocketed a couple of VIMA awards! With 2 albums and a few EPs from various projects under his belt, he now tours with his rock band The Endleaves to promote their releases nationwide and across the great divide! Join the revolution!

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***OPEN MIC***

#1 Jenssen Kuek
#2 Dowandofla
#3 Yasher Shafiai
#4 Yo-Gi
#5 2storeyheart

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