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Gig #58

I’ll be performing this Sunday for Doppelganger’s World Open Mic event. There’s a massive line up for the event, and I’ll be playing the 5pm slot. I’m sure you guys can wake up on time after a night of partying on Saturday :p Come along, bring your friends, download my EP (yes I know I promised you the album art, but it’s been taking a long time to complete), and singalong! And if you haven’t added 2storeyheart on Facebook yet, click here! I haven’t played a big event in awhile, so I’m pretty pumped! Hope to see all you beautiful people on Sunday! <3 Doppelganger World Open Mic
Sunday, October 10 · 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Berjaya Times Square

12.00pm Never Early
12.15pm Illya Sumanto
12.30pm The Tick
12.45pm Halfway Kings
1.00pm Chill pease
1.15pm Fazz
1.30pm Choon
1.45pm Iced Tea
2.00pm Kimmy Kim
2.15pm Til I Die
2.30pm Psytrus and the Third Party
2.45pm Dzamira
3.00pm The Bananas
3.15pm Krony
3.30pm Two Wongs Don’t Make a Wright
3.45pm Works of Reverse
4.15pm Angie Lym
4.30pm Min’z
4.45pm George Wielgus
5.00pm 2StoreyHeart
5.15pm Amirah Ali
5.30pm Ady Suwardy
5.45pm Peter Hassan Brown
6.00pm Local Drug Store

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