Gig #60 and a little update

Wow. It’s been ages since I’ve written anything here. I’ve been so busy working with a blog for my job that the last thing I wanna see at the end of the day is another blog, and hence the lack of updates. Anyways I’m still alive in case you’re wondering, and still doing things. Alright firstly- my comic has been delayed. Recently got a new computer and I haven’t finished installing all my software for working and getting back into the groove of things. I have 2 reviews queued up: Skyline (6/10) and Rapunzel (9/10) so you should watch the latter when it opens next week. The Wishing are jamming again. We have a full band now- Me, Jason, Andrew and Syefri are coming up with some tunes that will knock off your socks. Life’s been the least to say, interesting for me. Heart make, heart break, heart ache, terrible feelings, love, lust, everything in between. You’ll learn about it one day. I promise. Lastly, I’ll be playing at the Endgame gig tomorrow- and event organized to benefit charity, so do come show your love. Talk to you guys soon.

Gig #60: Endgame 2010
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Endgame is a concert for the homeless, the helpless and the needy. Children. Play your part and do something you love, while contributing to their cause. Make your stand now.

Endgame 2010 Bill
2. 2storeyheart
3. Never Early
4. Tony Leo Selvaraj
5. Initial Sound
6. The Bananas
7. Kristen Claire Chee and Christian Palencia
8. The Addiktion.

Gig details
Venue: SJK(C) Chong Hwa, Jalan Pahang (Map here)
Date: 19th November 2010 (last day of the Malaysian school calendar)
Time: 6.30 till late.

Standard: RM15 per ticket.
Bulk order: RM120 for 10 tickets.
Door tickets: RM25 per ticket.

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