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69. Such an interesting number. Why? I’m not going to elaborate.

All I gotta say is, gig number 69. After about 3 years of playing live shows, I’m one gig away from #70. Yay. If you remember, my first open mic gig was back in May 2008 in Marketplace. Well, it’s been 3 years and one EP, and I don’t think I want to stop anytime soon. No sir. I want to write, play, sing and record even more than I did before.

But I think I might take a break from 2storeyheart and focus on the band I’m in at the moment – The Wishing. My guitar playing is not up to standard, I can’t keep time to save my life, so I’ll need to spend a lot more time practicing it. I’ll probably still write 2storeyheart material in my own time and do home recordings, but it won’t be my main focus anymore.

Well this Thursday will probably be the biggest of all the gigs I’ve played so far. Thanks to Darren of An Honest Mistake, I’ll be one of the performers for this week’s Thursday night at Laundry Bar, the Curve. Do come and watch! I don’t think I’ll be playing at such a huge location again anytime soon, and entry is free. Drinks aren’t free though, but hey, you came for the music right? πŸ˜›

Hope to see you guys there. Drop a request in the comments/Facebook/Twitter if there’s a song you want to hear. Haha. I haven’t figured out a setlist yet, so any suggestions are welcome.

RAWR!!! The Gig Goes To LAUNDRY!!!

Thursday, May 12 Β· 8:30pm – 11:30pm
Location: Laundry Bar

RAWR!!! The Gig is back with a super duper line up at the ever so popular Laundry Bar at The Curve. Organized by local easycore sextet An Honest Mistake’s frontman, Darren Teh, this show is something that you must not miss!


Red Ruby Avengers

Ranging from acoustic to post-hardcore, you just have to be at this awesome mix of bands. They are top quality. Enough said. Be there!

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