Hair in your mouth

The other day I was eating my lunch, and I felt a strand of hair on my tongue. Don’t you just hate that feeling? It’s almost as bad as walking through spider webs.
And it doesn’t happen only when you’re eating. Sometimes you’re just minding your own business when suddenly you feel a strand of hair in your mouth, and you’re wondering ‘what the fuck?!’
How does it get there in the first place?

It’s uncomfortable, and when you think about where the hair comes from, it just grosses you out even more. Imagine if the hair came from a person with some head lice or something.

9 thoughts on “Hair in your mouth”

  1. rae : XD

    I am so not Jacyln : why would your hair end up in my mouth?!

    James Tan : I thought about that.. but the strands are LONG :/

    Daryl : I hope not! I don’t want to end up like her! haha

    hair man : not yours obviously

    Lynndy : thank you 🙂 hahahha

  2. well the hair i feel are imaginary but feel so real i have a hard time coping with this i am developing this get the hair syndrome.really its very distracting


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