How far we’ve come..

So I was on MSN chatting with Alvin when he started belting out the lyrics to matchbox twenty’s latest song. First thing that came to mind:

Makes sense, no?

Look what came in the mail a few days ago- all the way from Australia, thanks Hui-Xieng!
(check out my sexy beard + mustache combo)

Now you can show your boyfriend why you bought this shirt for me! :p

You know, I’ve found myself.
No I’m not coming out of the closet. LOL

I really feel like I’m meant to be an entertainer. Not necessarily a performer, just someone who entertains people with music, art, whatever. I don’t know why, but its just what I like doing the most. Seeing people enjoy whatever I do, that gives me the greatest satisfaction. So I think I could be happy doing just about anything, as long as people are entertained by it. That’s why I try to write songs that people can relate to, draw funny pictures, and write stuff that I would enjoy reading myself. Whenever I write a blog post, I have to read it first and see if I would enjoy reading it. If I don’t, I usually don’t post it.

10 thoughts on “How far we’ve come..”

  1. OMG! What’s up with the beard? You look like a real ching chang chong chinese man now. Haha.

    That aside, I just wana say, as a friend, you always entertain me. So keep on entertaining. I jus hope I’m there to watch & listen. =D

    2StoreyHeart FTW!

  2. Van1ty : haha thanks for your kind words :p

    gerald : I tried ID4 again today.. it’s soooo hard!

    sam* : yeah I got tonnes of points for that combo :p

    Alvin : trying to milk you

    starcrossedangel : never!!! thanks for the shirt though!

    James Tan : real men are!

    SmartWorker : nah, I’m just going for the homeless man look


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