Happy Chinese New Year a few days too late

Like what the title said- Happy Chinese New Year! I’ve been really busy, going out everyday, coming home beat and too tired to post anything. Once working life resumes next week, expect some updates. I haven’t opened my ang pows yet so I have no idea how much money I got this year, but I haven’t made any money from gambling. I lost RM30 to Alvin on New Year’s Eve but pwned him upside down in dota later, which wasn’t worth it. Haha

Other than being busy with CNY stuff I’ve actually been doing some art at home! *Gasp* sounds insane right? I might even get a DA account soon! And join the ranks of those self-proclaimed ‘camwhore artists’. Just kidding, I rarely point the camera at myself, but I do paint on my pc though. And I’ve been working on this comic with James (well he wrote the story, and designed the characters etc, all I’m doing is the drawing and painting). Here is a capture of work in progress-

Line art in MSPaint and painted in Photoshop

That’s all for now. No tentative release date (it was supposed to be 2 weeks ago lol), but I can say expect the first chapter in the near future. Now I’m off to get ready to go out again.

7 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year a few days too late”

  1. jtpa : don’t worry, you have loads of time! haha

    moy : thanks, hopefully the rest will surface :p

    Jakk : but you’re better at everything else! haha thanks

    Van1ty : fo’ sure!

    TJ : I hope we finish it too!


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