Joining the rotary club

So, for some reason, today, I woke up with the thought of buying an electric shaver. Yes, that’s right. I decided to make the move to upgrade from disposable manual blades to its high-tech counterpart. I thought it would be a simple as walking into a store, selecting one, paying for it and walking out. Turns out I was wrong. First of all, I was shocked by the prices. The first electric shaver I saw was priced at about RM600, and they went up as high as over RM1k. I was shocked – what was I getting myself into? Should I spend money on an electric shaver that costs as much as a graphics card?

So I decided to ask the helpful saleswoman there for advice. She told me the differences between the models available at the store (some were wet shavers, some came with side burn trimmers, some took longer to charge, some lasted longer). But all this wasn’t enough for me, so I grabbed some catalogs and flipped through them. I did some googling on the spot and read reviews of the shavers. It was mind-boggling, there was much more to learn. So I thanked the lady, and left the store.

Browsed electric shavers at other stores and found out there were so many different kinds. So I decided to do some research. I found this incredibly helpful guide which told me what I needed to know. I’ve decided to get a rotary shaver since I don’t shave frequently and my facial hair can get longish. I haven’t selected a model yet, but it’ll probably be an entry-level Philips. Unless someone else recommends otherwise.

I think it will be an interesting experience upgrading from disposables. I shall post updates in the coming weeks.

Also, Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it or just want an excuse to party. Have fun! I’ll be playing a show at Barlai in about an hour.

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