Miss missing you

So, I’m writing this blog post on my iPad while lying in bed. Honey is next to me, watching every character I strike on this shitty keyboard. Her eyes seem focused and she’s smiling as I read aloud everything in this post.

Life’s been great. I have been busy with work. I just got invited to a friend’s wedding earlier today. It’ll be in KK and I’m thinking about going. Never attended a wedding in east Malaysia before, so it should be interesting.

I haven’t played a show in awhile, which is kinda sad because I made a resolution this year to play 25 shows and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Oh well, oh well.

Snuggles is lying on my back. She is the cutest dog ever. Ever!!

A Day To Remember’s latest album is the shit. It is so damn good. I’m even making Honey listen to it in the car. She doesn’t agree but it’s my car so her opinion about the band doesn’t carry much weight. Haha.

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