Slight update

Been reaaaaaally really busy with work/recording/having fun(haha) so i’m sorry for the lack of updates. With my internet at home being down 6/7 days of the week doesn’t help either. Will update soon this week.

In the meantime, I’d like guys to take out your pencils and paper- cos I have this fantastic idea for an album cover, and it needs all you people 😀

I want you to draw a picture of me in a wedding suit. (No not a bride’s dress, but groom’s tux or something along those lines). It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed or complex, or fantastic, whatever, I’m accepting anything. Just a simple drawing of me dressed up, front view, standing straight, hands by the side. A full body drawing if possible, if not I’ll just make do with it. Submit your drawings to me at [email protected] and let me know by dropping a comment here, just in case it ends up in my spam folder :p

Sorry I can’t pay you for your masterpiece, I’m short on cash myself, BUT- your name will be mentioned in the cd’s liner notes! No color drawings- just black and white. If you don’t have a scanner, draw it on paper, and take a good quality picture of it and send it to me (make sure you’re taking the picture right above the paper so the perspective isn’t altered). If you don’t know what I look like (how can you not?! gasp!) refer to my facebook/pictures of me floating around the internet. I’m pretty sure I’ve drawn cartoons of me before, open your eyes!

Submit them to me by the 8th of May. Thank you!

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