Songs, Straws, and Celebrities

One of the most frustrating things I experience on a frequent basis is hearing a tune or song in my head and not knowing what it is. I’ll spend hours of my day trying to figure out what it is. Even in today’s connected world, it can still be a chore.

You don’t know the words to the song (or worse – the song has no lyrics) and you’re left with a barely recognizable tune which you hum out – usually in the wrong key and nobody can help you to figure it out. Soundhound can’t recognize your shitty humming, and you don’t have the words to Google.

And then sometimes you find a song that sorta sounds like what you’re looking for, which satisfies you for a bit, and then you realize that it’s not the song you were looking for. Or it turns out to be a song you didn’t like in the first place and it was stuck in your head just because.

Usually, you’ll forget about the song by the end of the day. But a few days later, another song will take its place.

From all the years I’ve been alive, one thing I’ve noticed in every fast food restaurant is that nobody ever takes exposed straw from the straw dispenser. EVER. I’m the only one who takes it.

I get that people think the exposed straw is somehow dirtier than the other straws inside the dispenser, but is that really the case? Who’s to say the straws inside aren’t just as dirty or even dirtier?

I’ve yet to get sick from using a straw. Until then, I’ll be saving myself presses and extending the lifespan of the straw dispenser.

Why do girls say it’s such a waste whenever an actor is hot and gay? It’s not like they had a chance with him in the first place.

If a hot actress is gay, guys think it’s a bonus. lnny

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