ColWri2.1x – Essay Writing Assignment #1 – Teleporters

An invention that you would like to create (or an existing invention that you think should never have been created):

This appeared to be a pretty easy subject to write about at first – after all, what would everyone write about except a teleporter? Right? In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest devices that has yet to be invented (or at least I’m aware of). A teleporter will let people get from place to place instantly – eliminating traveling by vehicles. This solves a large number of problems – time spent commuting, air pollution and stuff like car accidents.

However, instant travel can also create a lot of problems. For one, criminals can commit crimes and just escape to another part of the world instantly, making them hard to track down. New accidents could also be introduced with the use of teleporters – based on my experience with video games i.e. telefragging. A telefrag is a special kind of frag or kill that results when a player or monster stands on the location of a teleporter destination as another player teleports to that location. The monster or player who was originally standing at that location will instantly die. [Source]

To solve the issues above, access to teleporters will need to be controlled or regulated. This means, people will be standing by to guard the devices as well as screen its passengers. Maybe known criminals can be implanted with chips that teleport them straight into prison if they ever escape and try to travel via a teleporter. I doubt I’ll be seeing any teleporters in my lifetime, but if and when they are finally invented, I hope they become as useful as I envision them to be!

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