10,000 Summers

While it sucks that bands break up, I’ve learnt how to deal with it. I relisten to old records – after all they’ve already been recorded. They aren’t going anywhere. You can always put them on and listen to them again (just like when your favorite bands change style and you don’t dig their newer stuff). But there’s one good thing can come out of bands breaking up – members going on to form new bands. Case in point: No Devotion.

No Devotion – 10,000 Summers

Born from the ashes of Thursday and Lostprophets, No Devotion is a five-piece band who just released their debut album, Permanance, last week. Featuring heavy use of synths, haunting melodies, distorted guitars and the vocal prowess of Geoff Rickly, the band sounds like 80s disco done stoned. Some of the tracks are highly reminiscent of the Hotline Miami soundtrack, which probably explains why I like their music so much.

I’m not very well versed in this kind of music, but whatever No Devotion is doing, it’s totally up my alley. It reminds me of Thursday’s later stuff (post A City by the Light Divide) which I wasn’t a big fan of – I think No Devotion takes whatever Geoff started doing there and tops it off with some secret sauce that just makes it sound so perfect to my ears. Anyway, enough talking, so here’s more tracks from the band as well as some of my favorite songs from Thursday and Lostprophets.

No Devotion – Stay

Stream the entire No Devotion – Permanence album

Thursday – Understanding In A Car Crash

Thursday – Standing On The Edge Of Summer

Thursday – War All The Time

Thursday – Signals Over The Air

Thursday – Counting 5-4-3-2-1

Thursday – Jet Black New Year

Lostprophets – Last Train Home

Lostprophets – Last Summer

Lostprophets – To Hell We Ride

Lostprophets – Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja

Lostprophets – The Fake Sound of Progress

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