Swords, Sorcery and Sex- Whorecraft.

Update 2019: I still see this post being viewed, so I’m guessing people are looking for the show. Fortunately for you I have links. You can watch the first episode here (NSFW obviously) and XNXX has a whole playlist of them. Images were broken when I recreated my blog after the whole hacking incident, but I may or may not try to fix them in the future.

Awhile ago I stumbled onto a site called Whores of Warcraft. Being the curious little boy I am I decided to check it out. Turned out to be a porn site with a twist- the characters were from the Warcraft universe!

So the other day as I was downloading some songs, I remembered ‘WoW’ and decided to check it out. And I was in for a shock. WoW has got to be the funniest porn I have ever watched! There were so many LOL moments from the references to the game that I would consider it more as a comedy with a sexual theme more than a porn film.

Try picturing this- a green skinned girl with two tusks on her cheeks who says ‘Ya man!’ in a Jamaican accent after every few lines of dialogue, and ‘Ya man!’ once again after climaxing when she played with herself. You can’t? Me neither..

till I saw this:

That’s how a troll looks like (much hotter than the ones in the real game though..lol) in real life.

The whole movie was chock full of special effects that looked like they were just ‘After Effects’-ed in. Meaning cheap and funny. Like this scene where a priest cast a spell on an ogre-


I haven’t seen every episode yet (there’s 6 episodes altogether) but I’m already itching to watch the next one! No not for the sex, but for the introduction- you see, at the beginning of each episode, something exciting happens (usually a battle) and then only the sex comes, which I skip through cos its not very funny. The exciting bit at the front is what I watch WoW for!

My favorite bit so far, which I have generously screen captured for you (but not really) is in one episode where the heroine of the show (I think), the priest gets polymorphed!

It starts off with the priest and her friend (a warlock I assume) summoning a succubus. A warlock comes along, sees them and says something along the lines of ‘What the fuck are you doing?!’ (which is ironic because he is a warlock and is supposed to deal with summoning demons in the game) and he goes over to confront the priest.

The priest then casts fear on the warlock’s warrior friend who runs away (in fear). The warlock then chanted a spell, which even had ‘Jesus’ in it! I kid you not!

And the priest got turned into a-

Dog! HAHAHAHAAHA I guess the producers were out of budget to rent a sheep for the movie. And no, they did not do anything with the dog (you sickos).

So anyway, after the priest got polymorphed, the warlock fucks both the other warlock and the succubus.
And all’s well ends well.

I wholly recommend Whores of Warcraft to you if you’re into WoW and porn. Not very good jerk off material, but worth watching for the WoW humor alone.

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  1. Damnit! Too bad I’m not into WoW as well. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate its pornographical goodness to the fullest. =(


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