The aftershave: my initial post-electric shaver experience


Exactly one week ago, I decided that I was going to buy myself an electric shaver. I picked it up on a Friday night and since then I’ve been a member of the electric shaver club. I picked myself up the Philips AT750 because – according to what I read online, a rotary shaver would be better for my needs (infrequent shaving, longer facial hair). I got the AT750 because it can be used wet or dry – since I had no idea if I would be using it wet or dry more.

Anyway, life with an electric shaver has been pretty good since then. Because it is so much faster than shaving with disposable razors, I’ve been able to shave more often. My face isn’t too sensitive, so I’ve also been able to do dry shaves.

I’ve only shaved wet with the AT750 once – my first shave, since I didn’t know how my face would handle it. I used the shaving cream which came free with the shaver and got rid of all my facial hair. It felt alright, except for my mustache which stung a little probably because it was quite long (in case you didn’t know, electric shavers pull the hairs on your face before cutting them off).

I haven’t had to charge the shaver yet since it has a 40 minute battery life and my shaves last only 1-2 minutes. It does take 8 hours to charge though – so I may or may not have issues with that in the future.

Regardless, after almost a week of using it, I don’t have any complaints and can wholly recommend it to anybody who feels that shaving takes too long to with analog shavers. Sure, it doesn’t cut as close as a regular blade but I feel that it does a good enough job. I’ll probably report back in a month or two if I have anything else to say but I doubt it’s going to be anything negative!

BTW this isn’t a sponsored post/advertorial. In case you guys were wondering if I turned into a shill of some sort. I’m just writing about my initial experiences with an electric shaver.

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