The awesome present/date

I feel like my body has been rewired internally.
Without my consent.
For the past 50 hours I’ve been pissing out of my ass. Not literally. But I’ve been suffering from diarrhea and it is pretty severe.
Medication isn’t helping either. Neither is my avoidance of spicy/milky/oily foods.

I feel like this guy now:

Now that I’ve disgusted you enough, onto my blog post :p

Awesome presents make ‘okay’ dates great, and vice versa.

I remembered the first time I ever planned a ‘special date’ for Raelene. It sucked– really bad. I think I was late for that date, I was broke; we had to order cheap food in a nice restaurant. I totally missed on her present. I bought her a CD of one of her favorite bands (which apparently girls don’t rate high on their list of things to receive as presents from boyfriends -_-” ). That night was horrible.

Fast forward to a more recent ‘special date’ which I planned for her- home cooked food at my place. Prior to that date, I had never ever cooked food for her. I mentioned my dislike for cooking, and how I would never do it. I made her wait in the car while I went in the house ‘to get something’ when actually I was preparing the meal :p I put on some good music, rushed out, brought her in and surprised her. Man, was she happy. That day I didn’t give her a present. It didn’t matter, the day was awesome enough šŸ™‚

Not too long ago was our 2nd year anniversary- I bought her an awesome present. Something she really liked- CK One Summer perfume. She was really happy about it. The date went pretty well- nothing fantastic of anything, but overall it was good because the present was a hit.

Now I don’t know what the point of this post is anymore– I just took a note from my handphone and expanded on it. Haha. I guess it kinda reminds me about a story I heard about what dentists used to do when they pulled your teeth out- they would drop a heavy rock on your foot and while you screamed in pain they would remove your tooth. The larger pain distracts you from the smaller pain.

So if you have a shitty date planned, remember that a great present can save the day! (and vice versa)

7 thoughts on “The awesome present/date”

  1. I had a severe case of diarrheoa [thanks, food poisoning!] my mom took grains of rice [uncooked], washed them, and then char them in a dry wok until they get black and powderish. They smell a bit like roasted coffee beans and she would grind them into powder.

    She would mix them with water, pinch of salt, and sugar to taste. After she filtered out the coarser grains, I drank it up [it tastes like black coffee], and after one last seating, I’m left with a happy belly. Try it.

  2. omg..i’m having my lunch as i read yr post @.@ appetite lost..

    aha, receiving the perfume is definitely really nice šŸ™‚ +points šŸ™‚

    aha spontaneous is best, don’t adventurous :p but of course, not advicing u to not plan for yr future k..certain things in life are best done in that “spur of moment” šŸ™‚

  3. Van1ty : you could do my mouth!

    daryl : gross = funny :p

    Kinson : especially when you add drugs haha

    moy : surprisingly it was Mc Donalds

    Silencers : thanks for the tip, I’ll keep that in mind next time (hopefully there won’t be a next time)..anyways I’m better now with medication

    jsze : that’s what you get for having internet at the office! haha.. and spontaneous is good šŸ™‚


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