Of horror shows.

You know what’s the problem with our country?
Mirrors. Yes, mirrors. We have mirrors everywhere!
And what’s the last thing you wanna look at after watching a horror movie? A mirror!
Especially when you are washing your face.

When you close your eyes, and lower your face to the sink to rinse off the soap, when you pop back up, you expect to see some ghost standing next to you, ready to eat your soul!

Damn I fell off my stool after typing that last sentence. Must be the poltergeists in my room. (No really, I fell off my stool, don’t think I have any ghosts in my room though.)

7 thoughts on “Of horror shows.”

  1. Its hungry ghost festival dude.
    You must’ve uninvited guests…
    Or its just you imagining some scary shit when you fall.

    Agreed with the mirror conspiracy. I hate when that happens when I’m washing my face the bathroom.


  2. aaha..dont watch horror movies la!! =p
    Poltergeist damn scary la..hahahaa super old movie, yet still can ring a bell in our heads..hahahaa..

    think “happy thougts” 🙂

  3. you should also look out the windows often to check, sometimes, just sometimes, someone or something could be standing there and watching you…

  4. jsze: no… let’s have Linda Blair from Exorcist and that’s scary.

    moy:especially its Hungry Ghost Festival. Think of the thousands of hungry slobbering faces of the dead outside McDonald as you chew your delicious BigMac next to the window at 3a.m.


  5. Daryl: aha..i find almost any horror flicks scary..=p can’t imagine watching exorcist..dont want to..damn disturbing and scary la..@.@ can’t sleep..

  6. daryl : haha mirrors suck .. though without them, we would all be ugly

    jsze : haha yeah i remember watching poltergeist with you :p
    scary shit

    moy : i know, i get the feeling they watch me sleep too.. lol

    Silencers : sometimes they’re enjoyable to watch :p


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