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Slogans (and the next Harry Potter book)

A few days ago, I entered a contest at the Shell petrol station. Pump thirty bucks and you get to win something. I don’t even know the prize. Petronas had something similar too, and even better prizes- you could win cars! But you know why I didn’t enter that one? Because it required a slogan. Fucking slogans.

You know what puts people off entering contests? Slogans. I would have entered like a thousand contests in my lifetime if it wasn’t for their slogans.

Maybe its to stop people like me from entering. Maybe. But I just hate slogans! And they always limit you! To twenty words or less! That makes you feel like such an idiot when you can’t even come up with enough words to cut down! You’d wish it was a limit of 6 words!

And when the limit is 6 words, somehow you come up with the next Harry Potter book that doesn’t suck- but then you have to shorten it, and it becomes a piece of shit!

(The next Harry Potter book, Harry Potter X)

I don’t care if it looks more like a softcore porn book than a book about magic and wizardry.
Oh, it’s also going to be the first Harry Potter book where the ‘children’s version’ get the boring cover instead.

(No colors because my monitor is busted at the moment- it’s not showing any reds, so I’m partially color blind on the pc)

13 thoughts on “Slogans (and the next Harry Potter book)”

  1. hahaahaa, i entered the shell contest tooooo!!! been filling up lotz of forms hahahahaaa :p Luck to u and me :p

    hahahahaaa..harry potter, i slept almost the entire movieeee :p ahha, i even missed the supposedly awaited kissing scene..:P

  2. daryl : of course! its the book of the year!

    Gerald : and so will every guy who sees the cover :p ginny ftl!

    sam* : fersure maybe, fersure not!

    jsze : i hope you win too :p

    James Tan : Alvin deserved it. lol

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