The Captcha test

Bob typed in his name, email address and password and carefully read through the terms and conditions before clicking “accept”. The form disappeared and another page appeared.

“Please verify that you are human” were the words on the screen. Below it, a check box next to the words “I’m not a robot”.

“Captcha tests sure are getting easier these days,” he said to himself. He moved the cursor to click the check mark and submitted his answer.

The page reloaded and again, he was presented with the same Captcha test. Maybe his internet connection was wonky and his answer didn’t go through. He selected the checkbox and submitted his answer again. The same thing happened.

“Odd. Maybe the browser is clearing cookies for no reason.”

Bob inspected the settings on his browser and made sure that “Enable Cookies” was checked. He refreshed the page again, and re-entered his details.

“Thank god for autocomplete,” he muttered to himself.

The Captcha test appeared again. He reread the test again to make sure his eyes weren’t playing any tricks on him.

Click. Click. The Captcha test reappeared. Click. Click. Same thing.

Click. Click.

“This browser sure is acting up…I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded to Edge…”

After some pondering, he decided to not check the “I’m not a robot” box and clicked submit.

“Congratulations! You have successfully registered your account on Bang BUS and are one step closer to enjoying our collection of nasty, filthy cables going in and out of dirty, shameless sockets! And an e-mail has been sent to you to confirm your registration.”

“Huh”, he thought to himself. “That’s pretty odd. Is this why my friends all don’t enjoy the same kind of porn as me?”

But those thoughts left his mind as soon as he confirmed his account and got lost in the galleries of nasty, filthy cables having their way with dirty, shameless sockets.

Writing Prompt from Reddit: Bob doesn’t realise he’s a robot until he fails a captcha five times in a row.

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