The second post should’ve been yesterday’s

Well since I wanted to start off my blog with a bang, the second post shall not be as ‘explosive’ as the first, so you kids can catch your breath.

Welcome to my brand new blog!

Let’s start with a FAQ-

Why ‘blorgy’?
Why not?! I got the term ‘blorgy’ doing my last internet quiz thingy, and since I couldn’t come up with a better name for a domain ( would be too boring) I decided to use it!

And that’s it! Since nobody has asked me anymore questions, there are no other questions. Simple as that. Well I’ll probably put up a FAQ in my about page if there are enough questions to be answered.

Again, welcome to my humble blog on the world wide web. It’s not going to be revolutionary or very different from any other blog you may come across on the internet but–

whatever. I’m done with this introduction shit. It doesn’t even make sense.
I know this post sure as hell doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, some interesting things have happened to me recently, and I will blog about them all in due time. For now since it’s late and I’m tired, I’ll just leave you with some pictures of a conversation I had with someone who refuses to be named.. haha, enjoy!

By the way if you’re leaving a comment, and its your first time, don’t worry if it doesn’t appear- its the spam filter working. After I approve your first comment, your future comments should appear instantly 🙂

10 thoughts on “The second post should’ve been yesterday’s”

  1. Van1ty : just call Chou King! He should be free 😀

    James Tan : try guessing who was the other guy drawing the pictures! hint- his name isn’t in any of the pictures..

    bodicea : and you should gather all your thoughts into one comment so Akismet doesn’t think you’re some spambot!
    and thanks, I like the domain name, banner and layout too :p


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