The yellow and green packet

You don’t even need a high resolution picture to know what I’m talking about

You know, I just don’t get how some people only use half a packet of seasoning to cook their Maggi mee. I mean really, what’s the point? Don’t waste ingredients! Experience how Maggi is supposed to taste like!

Sometimes when I find two packets of seasoning in one, I practically jump for joy! I set up a shrine, run around it and dance like a mad man to honor the blessing!

The next time you cook some instant noodles, enjoy the full experience– use the whole packet of seasoning!

8 thoughts on “The yellow and green packet”

  1. Instant noodles ain’t healthy. Avoid eating it if possible. Moreover if you’re always staying back late for work, you have gotta eat healthy. Ask your boss for a raise, man!

  2. if u are cooking soup, don’t mix the seasoning with the noodle while cooking, prepare a second cooked water for it, remember the maggi lesson from Inspidea?

  3. simon : they’re all instant noodles anyway!

    Van1ty : I’m not fishing for compliments haha

    SmartWorker : Never said they were healthy, but they taste great πŸ™‚

    Kinson : I’m too lazy to fry the egg :p

    jsze : so clever.. haha

    moy : a lesson I never followed!

    rock-hard : tom yam is okay once in awhile, I’m not a huge fan of it


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