We build, we box, we carry on

Futures was the soundtrack of my college group work. I remember listening to the album on repeat when working in my classmate’s house on group projects. It had everything you want in a pop rock album – upbeat anthems to keep you going and chill tunes for those downtimes. Jim Adkins has a fantastic voice and wrote great lyrics to pair. IMO, there aren’t many bands that have managed to stay consistently good or improve with every release – Jimmy Eat World is one of them.

Jimmy Eat World – Work

I first got into them like everybody else, during the heyday of “The Middle”. I loved that song, the other singles from the album, and when I purchased the album, I fell in love with all its tracks. Till today, Bleed American is still one of my favorite albums of all time. The pre-chorus to “If You Don’t, Don’t” is probably one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard.

Jimmy Eat World – If You Don’t, Don’t

As the years went by, they’ve evolved their sound, but still kept the essence of what defined them in the first place – raw guitars, catchy hooks, memorable lyrics and a touch of pop. “Damage”, their latest album, is a perfect example of their sound. It’s got a good mix of everything from Clarity until Invented. And while I might have biased opinions about the album since it came into my life at the right time, it is easily one of their best efforts.

Jimmy Eat World – Appreciation

I won’t say much, except that they have yet to put out a release that I found disappointing so I’ll let the tunes speak for themselves (it’s a long list because I couldn’t choose what to cut out). I do regret is not catching them live when they visited Singapore not too long ago – here’s to hoping they come back to this side of the world soon!

Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

Jimmy Eat World – Futures

Jimmy Eat World – 23

Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus

Jimmy Eat World – Lucky Denver Mint

Jimmy Eat World – Night Drive

Jimmy Eat World – Always Be

Jimmy Eat World – Carry You

Jimmy Eat World – Chase This Light

Jimmy Eat World – I Will Steal You Back

Jimmy Eat World – Please Say No

My Best Theory

Jimmy Eat World – It Matters

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