72 DPI isn’t enough

So I thought of a DPI related joke. How nerdy is that?

(click for full size)

In other news, I thought I was over it. I guess I was wrong. I don’t know why, but for the past few weeks, I’ve just been feeling really bad about the break up. And seeing some pictures and reading some words haven’t really helped at all. Yeah, I know it’s beyond saving, and it’s been quite awhile ago. But why does it hurt so bad?

At least I can still poke fun at myself.
Three cheers for two and a half years.

7 thoughts on “72 DPI isn’t enough”

  1. doesn’t it seem like these things like to sneak up on you without warning, and hit you with a good dose of memories and nostalgia… and yeah, the hurt too!

    but look on the bright side – maybe you can channel it all into writing a song or something? 😉

    and yeahh, i like the drawing too. *becomes a fangirl*

  2. Kinson : lol *blush*

    Michelle : hey there.. is that all you have to say? :p

    Spyda : good things shouldn’t end :s thanks

    Isobel : i’ve written 10 songs too many. haha

    Lynndy : you suck at interpretation then 😛

    rachel : they need to invent memory-erasing.. like, right now!


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