Single Female Parking

(Image taken without permission from here. I found it using google search :P)

So awhile back I was in the cineleisure parking lot when I saw the special parking lots for ‘female single drivers’. Then I thought to myself- female single drivers only? What a great place to pick up single women! I mean think of it this way- girls with boyfriends don’t usually drive to movies or club (I assume that’s what people usually do at cineleisure) alone- they go in their boyfriends’ cars or drive their boyfriends and in that case they wouldn’t be at that spot.

So, I parked my car at one corner of the car park and waited..

Just kidding, I didn’t do that. But then I started to think to myself again- was this really a good place to pick up chicks? or did I just discover where all the ugly chicks park?
HAHA. I kid.

What about having lots for the single driving guys? Its not like robbers care about who they choose to rob. Guy or girl, as long as they look rob-able.

5 thoughts on “Single Female Parking”

  1. Yeah, I saw the sign in cineleisure too. Was just talking to my friend about it, lol. So unfair…they should have a parking for “guys that come alone” too! :p

  2. Kinson : I guess you’ll be parking there all the time! haha

    Albert Ng : I don’t normally go to the curve/cineleisure so that was a new discovery for me :p

    jsze : hang out there more.. haha


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