A Color

It feels like soft and firm at the same time. A bit springy if you push it hard enough, but it isn’t something that would break your fall if you were to fall on it from a twenty storey building.
It sounds like music that would be right at home at a beach party. It is energetic and gets you going.
It smells relaxing. Calming. Even medicinal at times. Let’s just say it wouldn’t be out of place if you found it in an aromatherapy burner.
It tastes delicious. Sometimes acidic, sometimes bitter.
It looks like how a ball of gas from Earth on certain days – bright and shining fiercely. Some would even say a rabbit’s favorite treat.

Writing prompt from Reddit: Describe a color by using the five senses (taste, touch, sight, sound, smell) but don’t say the name of the color.

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