So this is growing up.

Yesterday, as I was rehearsing for my gig, a sudden realization dawned upon me. I’m turning 30 this year, and my lyrics still sound like poems from some highschool kid’s diary. It was a strange feeling. One that I hadn’t experienced before.

I never truly understood what artists meant when they said they were more mature. I mean, it wasn’t only the lyrics which changed. They had changed as people as well. They were no longer the same person they were when I first heard their music. They don’t care about that highschool/college crush anymore. They’ve moved on in life and writing about what’s current to them. They’re in a completely different place. Mentally and physically.

I guess I’m going through what they did when they wrote their later releases. Who wants to sing the same songs all the time? Recordings exist for a reason.

So, starting today, I’ll be challenging myself to grow as a songwriter. To write songs about more than just feeling emotional and upset. I’ve written enough about those topics in the past.

Things around me have changed. People have grown up. It’s time for me to grow up.

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