Gig #135: Monster and Beer 4.0

Starting off the new year on a good note with a show at one of my favorite venues, Monster and Beer! Come drop by for some good cool tunes and good beer.

The other day I was thinking, damn, gig one hundred and thirty-five. I’ve been playing shows for a long time. This blog has been around as long as I’ve been performing – since 2007. It’s been over a decade! And I’m still playing the same kind of music that got me into the hobby.

There are a few ways to look at it. I’m consistent and stick to what I enjoy. Or maybe, I’m not good enough or adventurous enough to try new things. Maybe it’s laziness, and I’m not doing anything to improve. More likely, it’s a combination of the above.

I’m glad I kept this blog around. It’s fun going back down memory lane and looking at what life used to be like. How I used to write, how I used to think. All the cringey shit I’ve written – and will continue to write. To be fair, are you a writer if you don’t hate your old work? Old writing is always the worst.

Anyways, that will be a topic for another day, I’ll just leave you guys with the gig details. See you all tomorrow!

Google Maps | Instagram | 21 January 2023 | 5 PM

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  1. As time goes by, year after years of learning as all of us “ aged gracefully “ know more things about before and after.. let’s remember to say a prayer each night before going to bed..


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